Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kentucky Trip

Every summer the kids and I make at least one trip to Kentucky to visit our family. Jason has been deployed the last few summers, but this summer he is home and was able to join us. Which was nice since I don't like driving through the mountains of North Carolina and I hate driving in the rain which it did a lot of on the trip there.

Somewhere on I-75 with lots of rain

We left the day after the kids got out of school. One of the main reasons for the trip was to attend my brother and sister-in-laws baby shower. They are expecting their first baby and it's a boy! The whole family is so excited. We haven't had a baby in the family since my youngest, Emma, was born over 9 years ago and we haven't had a boy born into the family since my oldest, Clay, who will be 17 this year.

Sara and Trevor- expecting baby Alisdair

We had a great time and it went way to fast. Along with attending the baby shower, we went shopping, stayed up late talking and celebrated my nephew Jordan's 21st birthday. Which I managed to not take one single picture of!!  I'll chalk it up to a rookie blogger mistake!!

On our last night there, we had our traditional fire pit and marshmallow roast with s'mores.

My Dad a.k.a Pa, getting the fire going

Pa adding a few more sticks

Pa helping Emma

Even though my nephew Jordan wasn't there because he was working, his girlfriend Kate joined us.  We all love Kate!

Kate and my niece Morgan

Shelby and my niece Taylor


Emma and her first s'more of the night

Clay really not wanting his picture taken

At some point it was determined that we needed more firewood and one of my parents trees still had some dead limbs in it from a winter ice storm, so my dad, sister and brother set to work.

Dad trying it the easy way first

The easy way didn't work out the way it should have so Trevor and Amy thought of a better(?) way of doing it.

Amy giving Trevor a boost

Up ya go Trevor

Trevor in the tree

Dad cutting the limb to size
Unfortunately, Emma had a run in with a melting hot marshmallow and burned her top lip and the skin below her nose.  Fortunately, it has already healed and you can barely even tell she had a burn.

Emma icing her lip
It is always a good trip to see family and this trip was no different.  I'm already planning our trip in August to meet sweet baby Alasdair.  Forget the rest of  'em, I can't wait to get my hands on the baby!


  1. ALMOST 10 AND JUST HAD HER FIRST S'MORE? Poor Emma! She has been neglected her whole life. Glad you finally got that straightened out. ;)

    1. About 10 minutes before I read your comment, my son had said to me after reading this post, "Mom, you make it sound like Emma had never had a s'more before and that you don't have a mom!" I meant that to mean her first one of the night! And of course, I do have a mom, she just never made it into the pics! How long can I chalk these kind of things up to rookie blogging mistakes?!? ;) Now just to figure out how to edit it.

  2. Glad you could get home to see your family. I know how important that is. :)

  3. Awww Poor Emma, I too burnt my lip with a marshmallow as a kid.