Friday, May 11, 2012

Air Force Thunderbirds

Last weekend was the Shaw Air Expo and one of the main attractions was the Air Force Thunderbirds.

A few days before the actual air show, the Thunderbirds started practicing their routine.  A different part each day, but never the whole performance at once. So while I waited in the car rider pick up line to get Emma from school, I got to watch them practice.

Practice, view from the Emma's school pick up line

One afternoon Emma and I had to run to the commissary to grab a few groceries and we got to see another part of their practice.

Practice, watching from the commissary parking lot
Practice, watching from the commissary parking lot
Practice, watching from the commissary parking lot

By the time Saturday rolled around and it was time for the actual full Thunderbirds show, I felt like I had already seen the whole thing.  But I didn't mind.  No matter how many times we have gotten to see the US Air Force Thunderbirds perform, it is always a breathtaking, heart stopping, pride inducing performance and I enjoy getting to see the whole show from beginning to end.

Saturdays performance
Saturdays performance

I want to thank Katherine over at Grass Stains for being one of the people to encourage me to start a blog and suggested that the Thunderbirds would be a cool post.  I may just start calling her my blog mentor until I get the hang of this.  She explains how we "met" here , and it has been really fun getting to "know" her over twitter and through her blog.  Head on over, she has got a great sense of humor and four super cute kids! 

Giving it a try

Well, I'm giving this blogging thing a try.  I'm not sure where to start, but I'm going to do it anyway.

I guess I will start with telling a little bit about myself and my family.  There is a lot for me share, but I'll will start with the basics first.

I am a late 30 something stay-at-home mom, married to my husband, Jason, for 18 years.  Jason has been active duty Air Force for 18 years and we have been stationed in Alaska, Florida and currently, South Carolina.  We have three amazing children.  Clay is 16, Shelby will be 14 next month and Emma is 9.  I think I might do a post on each of them for y'all to get to know them better.

Anyway, I figured I should keep it short my first post.  It takes me time to put things I want to say into something I think would be worth reading. 

Thank you for visiting, I hope you stick around!