Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year Emma was my only one to go trick or treating. Clay gave it up a few years ago and this was the first year Shelby didn't go. 

Even though Emma still went trick or treating, I was left at home to pass out candy because she wanted to go with her friend, Harley, alone. Now, before my mother goes and reports me to child protective services for letting Emma go out with her friend alone, we do live on an Air Force base and almost the entire fleet of Security Forces patrol the neighborhood, so I felt comfortable letting her go.  I'm not so sure I would've let her go alone if it weren't for that fact.  Plus, Harley had a cell phone and they kept touching base with me.  Although, having a well patrolled neighborhood may have made me feel safe, it didn't do anything to keep my heart from breaking watching her head out without me and being left home!

Emma wasn't really sure what she wanted to dress up as this year, so when we went shopping for costumes, I suggested that she go as an Olympic gymnast.  I figured since she spends much of her free time cart wheeling, hand standing and most recently moving on to master her front walk-over, it was only fitting.  She loved the idea!  My friend Andrea, who has an embroidering machine, was kind enough to save me from myself when I thought it was a good idea to use red puffy paint for the USA, so she embroidered the USA onto Emma's shirt for a much more professional looking shirt.  Emma did help me with her medal and if you're going to make your own, why not make it gold?!

Now, to fight the urge to go eat all the Reese's peanut butter cups out of her bag while she's at school.

Only fitting that she went as an Olympic gymnast