Sunday, June 10, 2012

First and Last Days

This school year started with lots of mixed emotions. When the kids started school, they knew they only had a few weeks with the friends they had made over the last three years before we would be moving. Our kids have proven time and again that they are resilient, and this move was no different. Each of them made a smooth transition into their new schools and made new friends within the first few days.

 This school year was the second that I have had kids at three different schools.  Clay in high school, Shelby in middle school and Emma in elementary school.  Fortunately next school year, Clay and Shelby will *gasp* both be in high school.  Which, for me, doesn't seem possible!

Clay, first and last day of 10th grade
Shelby, first and last day of 8th grade

Emma, first and last day of 3rd grade
Emma woke up the day before the last day of school with a stomach bug.  Which was hard for me because it meant that she would be missing her very last awards ceremony for her 3rd grade year.  Fortunately when she went in on the last day of school, she was able to get her awards.  She made the "A-B" honor roll for the last 9 weeks and the "Principal's Award" for having A's and B's all year. 

Emma with her year end awards

The only problem I had with Shelby's middle school this whole year was that they didn't have an 8th grade graduation!  They did have an awards ceremony and Shelby received a special award for not receiving any referrals for the whole year.

Shelby and her friends at their awards ceremony


  1. I can see how they've grown and changed in a year. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

    1. Thanks! It's hard to believe that they still grow so much at these ages. Hope you're enjoying your summer as well!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! A referral is when a teacher writes up a student for any type of infraction, and they are sent to the principal. It could range from bad behavior to uniform violation.